Agency services

Agency services are:

a) providing information to existing and potential SMEs, associations and local governments in relation to:

1) start-up, and all the necessary information related to starting a business;
2) available sources of funding (domestic and foreign) for SMEs;
3) legal provisions and obligations of SMEs, taxes and fees, as well as the mandatory forms;
4) joining SMEs - the establishment and operation of associations and NGOs;
5) quality standards;
6) the possibilities of creating business partnerships;
7) information on specialized services - referral to specialized service providers;
8) information about business and innovation incubators;
9) other information relevant to the operation of the SME sector;
10) relevant programs and projects in which they participate;
11) national regulations, strategic documents and EU documents of importance for regional development;
12) the available domestic and international programs, projects and funding sources in the field of regional development;
13) events at the local, regional, national and international level of importance for regional development (conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.);
14) active and potential investors in the region;
15) needs to demonstrate active and potential investors in the region;
16) The best practices of local and EU projects in the field of regional development, and other information of importance for regional development.

b) Trainings that Agency "PRVI KORAK" provides to existing and potential SMEs, associations, local government units are:

1) how to start your own business - start up package;
2) preparation of a business plan and operations with banks;
3) quality standards and ecological standards;
4) financial management;
5) project cycle management;
6) elements of planning and project technical documentation in accordance with national and EU requirements and standards.

c) Advisory services provided by the Agency "PRVI KORAK" are:

1) support for the preparation of applications for loans to SMEs
2) support in the preparation of documents and requests to support programs for SMEs
3) support the establishment and development of citizens' associations and NGOs
4) support the preparation and implementation of regional development strategies;
5) support the founders in all stages of the project cycle.

d) The Agency "PRVI KORAK" participate in promotional activities related to the promotion of entrepreneurship and various support programs, and the promotion of the region:

1) support the founders in the organization and / or participation in national and international promotional events of importance for regional development (fairs, conferences, local events);
2) publications on business, investment potential and business environment in the region.

Misija agencije Prvi korak je promoviranje gospodarstva, podrška razvoja MSP-a, stvaranje uslova za ostvarivanje novih radnih mjesta i poboljšanje ukupne ekonomske situacije na području Općine Konjic.


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