Founding Assembly of the Business Association Konjic

11 Apr 2015
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On Tuesday, May 20, 2014 starting at 01:00 p.m. in the hall of Municipal Council of Konjic was held Founding Assembly of the Business Association Konjic.

At the inaugural meeting in addition to the representatives of the Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic and the entrepreneurs of Konjic municipality were attended and Mayor of Konjic Mr. Emir Bubalo and the representatives of GIZ, Mr. Admir Vranic and Mrs. Mirjana Stankovic.
The Assembly was opened by the Director of the Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic, he wish welcome to the participants and briefed them with the agenda of the Assembly.

Opening of the meeting was followed by a speech of the Mayor of Konjic Municipality Mr. Emir Bubalo, who welcomed the participants and thanked them for the presence. Then Mayor talked about the importance of creating Association and noted that the Municipality and the Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC will be available to help in this way.
In the working part of the Assembly, present entrepreneurs have suggested the following members to the positions of President, Deputy President of the Assembly, and by a unanimous vote accepted their nomination:

• Alagic Bernadin-President of the Founding Assembly
• Niksic Adem- Deputy President of the Founding Assembly

After the election of the Chairman of the Founding Assembly they were adopted acts that are necessary for the registration of the Association:

• The decision on the establishment of the Business Association
• Statute of the Business Association
• The decision on the election of the authorities of the Business Association
• Decision on authorization for representation

For members of the Management Board of Busines Association were elected:

• Jasmin Badžak, President of the Management Board
• Adem Niksic
• Kasim Dzajic
• Emir Klepo
• Haris Idrizovic
• Mumin Maksumic
• Hamid Hajduk

After adopting of the decisions, Founding Assembly acceded to the choice of the person authorized to represent the Association. It is proposed that for the authorized representative be chosen Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic. It is determined that the seat of the Association be in the Musala Street no. 1. The proposal was unanimously adopted, and the representative of the Founding Assembly was authorized to approache to the registration of the Association.

Misija agencije Prvi korak je promoviranje gospodarstva, podrška razvoja MSP-a, stvaranje uslova za ostvarivanje novih radnih mjesta i poboljšanje ukupne ekonomske situacije na području Općine Konjic.


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