10 Apr 2015
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Company KONJIC KARTON started with the production of transport cardboard packaging in 1998. At first we had a lot of modest capacity, and by the time with constant investment in production capacity and by acquiring top quality machines for the production of transport cardboard packaging we achieved the highest standards in production quality of boxes. Along with the purchase of new machinery we have invested in education and training of our staff, so we are now equipped and trained to meet the highest demands in terms of quality transport cardboard packaging, accuracy and timeliness of delivery of orders of our customers.


Today, we are able to deliver a transport cardboard packaging printed in flexo technique in four colors (if needed to paint). We have invested a lot in the purchase of machines for the most demanding types of boxes, so-called shelf ready packaging, those are boxes that are presented together with the product directly on the shelves in shopping malls. This type of box is characterized by a very complicated design, printing in multiple colors, which is very demanding and gluing boxes in several sections. Except we produce shelf ready boxes, we are able to make and very demanding jumbo boxes furniture so we cooperate with more domestic manufacturers who supply the IKEA chain for sale of furniture, by which we meet all IKEA requirements in terms of quality, accuracy and timeliness of delivery. We have very good cooperation with our local companies that supply the automotive industry, which is itself one of the most demanding in terms of quality and delivery dates.


Company KONJIC KARTON is equipped with two casemaker lines for the production of standard american-Slotter type box. Both lines have a capacity of 10,000 boxes / hour, the possibility of making in-line flexo print up to four colors, automatic gluing Box and packaging in bundles of 20 per box as the last operation in the process of developing this type of box.

In addition to these machines, we have two automatic straight punches that are intended to produce stamped cardboard boxes and automatic gluing machine for gluing of this type-stamped box in more points.

To create a box for packing of furniture we own dedicated Jumbo Printer Slotter, and semi-automatic gluing machine / sewing machines, which are used for gluing or sewing these boxes for packing furniture.


It is importan to say that all the machines are from the top European manufacturers, thus we ensure the best possible quality of the box. Besides the quality of the craftsmanship box, investing in the best equipment for making boxes, allows us that in addition of product quality we can offer to our customers security in deliveries through a permanent continuity and consistency of all parameters of our products.

Our technical department is equipped and trained to measure the quality of material they are made of cardboard boxes and finished box, so that continuous monitoring of all phases of production, from receipt of materials to storage of finished products, ensures our customers that the product is controlled with all aspects, ensuring the high reliability and quality.


In commercial department, our young team of employees is in constant communication with our customers and suppliers and coordinate all phases of the process of procurement of materials, its delivery to our company, production of cardboard boxes, storage and timely shipment to the customer's address. All boxes we supply with our own vehicles to our customers.

Further plans of our company are following world trends in the development of transport cardboard packaging and application of the latest knowledge and developments in this sector in our products and services in order to be partners with our customers on the best way. Today our biggest companies are becoming aware that they are strong as much as strong is their "supply chain" ie. their chain of suppliers and our place we see as a strong link in the supply chain of our partners. Transport cardboard boxes manufactured by KONJIC KARTON are recognized by their quality and the quality of services we are providing to our partners.


KONJIC KARTON base its development primarily through investment in the young but professional staff and continuous investments in modern equipment for production of cardboard boxes and control the quality of our boxes, all the while taking into account environmental protection, safety of our employees and the high efficiency in energy and raw materials. We closely monitor development and trends that are current in the industry of cardboard packaging to the most advanced world markets and we are trying to introduce them to the practice of our company. Further plans of our company are related to the increase in production capacity through the construction of additional facilities for the expansion of production and increase of storage capacities, and purchase additional advanced equipment for production of cardboard packaging, by which we want to ensure that in the future period we continue to provide our customers with the best innovative solutions in terms of transport cardboard packaging, thus contributing to increase their competitiveness and success.

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