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Igman d.d. Featured

15 Jun 2015
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Company profile

Company Igmad d.d was established on March 06, 1950.
They offer a range of military and hunting ammunition of different calibers.
The ownership structure of the company is:
• 51% state ownership
• 49% ownership of funds
The company is fully oriented to export for many customers in the market. Until now, they exported to more than 50 countries around the world, including:
New Zealand, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, USA and Canada, Chile, Turkey.

The munitions are carried out in accordance with the following standards:
1) A military ammunition - NATO and MIL, and Russian Standard
2) Hunting ammunition - CIP and SAMMI standard
3) Customers requirements
The material used for manufacturing is the brass.
Production program:
1) 5.56x45m
M855, M856 Tracer, M193, M196 Tracer, Blank M200A1
2) 7.62x51mm
M80 Ball, M62 Tracer, M81AP, API, APIT, Blank M82
3) 7.62x39mm
M67 Ball, M78 Tracer, M82 API, Blank
4) 7.62x63mm
M2 Ball, M25 Tracer, Blank M1999
5) 7.9x57mm
M49 BaH, M70 Tracer
6) 7.62X54R
M30J Bail, M87 Tracer, Blank
7) 12.7x99mm
M33 BaM, M17 Twcer. M8 API, M20 APIT, M2 AP, M02 APEl, Blank M1A1, Snajper M33, Solid Ball Snajper, Solid AP Snajper, Solid API Snajper, Solid APIT Snajper
8) 12.7x108mm
8-32 API, BZT-44 APIT, Training M81
9) 9x 19mm
Luger FMJ 89 and 7.45g
10) Articles:
- M9
- M13
The company Igman d.d in its previous work, transferred, with complete engineering, its know-how in Poland, Iraq and Macedonia. It has a quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008.