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Economic Development Agency „PRVI KORAK“ LLC is established by the Konjic Municipality with the main goal to follow priorities in development of the Konjic municipality, to prepare, coordinate, implement projects and establish partnerships for implementation of development projects of the Konjic municipality. 


Its operation is based on the development strategy of the Konjic Municipality. Economic Development  Agency „PRVI KORAK“ LLC began its operation in 2013 and operates as a limited liability company.

The Mission of Economic Development Agency of Konjic municipality is to promote the economy, support the development od SMEs, create conditions for the realization of new jobs and improving the overall economic situation in the Konjic municipality. Economic Development Agency will create conditions for the development of dynamic, modern and diverse economy in the Konjic municipality through the development of enterpreneurship and SMEs by consolidating and directing material, human and financial resources.

The Vision of the Agency is to become a recognizable partner and acknowledged bearer of local economic development that successfuly contribute not only to the prosperity of the Konjic municipality, but also to the development of other communities in the region.

Development Agency also is geard towards identifying new growth opportunities; promotion of business zones and economic potential of the Konjic municipality;  improving the development of SMEs through non-formal educational programs and business consulting; attracting domestic and foreign investment; development and implementation of EU projects; and rural and agricultural development and tourism development.


Konjic Municipality is on the Municipal Council adopted the strategic goals of development of the Konjic municipality for the period 2008-2017. Strategic directions of Konjic Municipality for the next period are:
1) Tourism
2) Agriculture
3) Energetic Sector
4) Metal and Wood Processing Industry

When we talk about tourism, it is necessary to point out that Konjic municipality possesses extraordinary natural resources such as:
• Boracko Lake (natural glacial lake)
The possibility of building hotels, motels, bungalows, camping, and other tourist facilities contents defined by regulatory plan of Boračko Lake.
• The Neretva River with its tributary Rakitica where there is one of the most beautiful canyon in Europe and the village Lukomir that make a natural park suitable for the development of eco-rural tourism, sports and adrenaline tourism (rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, triathlon, etc.).
• The mountain massif of Prenj for development of winter tourism in the construction of appropriate infrastructure such as cable cars, hotels, ski slopes, and other supporting facilities related to winter tourism.
• Jablanica Lake also like Boračko based on defined regulatory plan envisages among other things the formation of certain construction areas in the current shallow zones of Jablanica Lake for building a camp resorts, hotels, motels.
• Rural areas which enable the development of rural tourism with all the facilities related to eco-products, outdoors and other amenities for tourists.

Konjic municipality is mostly hilly area with an average altitude of over 700 m, and with its environmentally very clean area of 1310 km2 offers great opportunities for investment in livestock farming, meat processing and meat products, dairy farming, the production of healthy food, collecting forest fruit: blueberries, cranberries, mushrooms, and herbs.
In agriculture area there are tremendous opportunities with respect to resolved infrastructure (water supply, electricity, internet) for the cultivation of berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries US) and beekeeping.

Energetic Sector
Municipality is extremely rich in water resources (according to official data Konjic municipality has more spring water than Israel), in addition to the Neretva River there is a large number of tributaries and springs, and thus enables investment in the construction of a significant number of SHP (small hydroelectric power plants), utilization of the hydropower potential of the upper of the river Neretva, above Glavatičevo with the possibility of investing in the construction of large hydropower plants.
Given that this is a very safe and quality drinking water with numerous sources, there are great opportunities to build a plant for packaging of drinking water. Also, in the municipality of Konjic there are natural advantages in investing in the construction of wind and solar energy.

Metal and Wood Industry
In the last 50 years Konjic intensively invest in the development of metal industry, which is responsible for the development of the municipality, and as a result stemmed business zone UNIS Konjic with a variety of goods (commercial production, production of screws, production of pressed parts, production of roller bearings, tools, and galvanic protection) with the placement to the market of the European Union and the United States.
In this field, investors are preferred to invest in the eventual new products, expansion of existing capacities, cooperation with producers from Konjic and other form of cooperation in terms of advancing this industry.
The municipality of Konjic is extremely rich in forest areas (50% of the municipal territory is covered by forests that involve the following types of wood: beech, oak, fir, spruce, white pine and yew) which is the basis for the development of wood-processing industry.
Konjic is recognizable throughout the world by woodcarving trade with a tendency to expand existing capacities.
It is in the preparation the booklet in which will be defined all aspects of a possible investment in the municipality of Konjic and it will contain comprehensive information including:
- Available labor force
- Information on the sectors they are most invested in the past 10 years
- Operating expenses in the municipality of Konjic
- Information on actual direct investment
- Guide for obtaining building permits
- Guide for the introduction of municipal infrastructure
- Real Estate
- Culture, Sport and Recreation



Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic

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Misija agencije Prvi korak je promoviranje gospodarstva, podrška razvoja MSP-a, stvaranje uslova za ostvarivanje novih radnih mjesta i poboljšanje ukupne ekonomske situacije na području Općine Konjic.


Agencija za ekonomski razvoj "PRVI KORAK" d.o.o. Konjic
Musala do br.1
88400 Konjic
Bosna i Hercegovina

email: prvikorakkonjic@gmail.com

Tel: +387 36 / 727 645

Fax: +387 36 / 727 645


Economic Development Agency"PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic
Musala No.1
88400 Konjic
Bosnia and Herzegovina

email: prvikorakkonjic@gmail.com

Tel: +387 36 / 727 645

Fax: +387 36 / 727 645

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