Visit to companies in Konjic municipality

20 May 2016
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On May 19, 2016 a representative of GIZ, together with representatives of the Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC visited three companies in the Konjic municipality as follows: SurTec- Eurosjaj LLC, Graewe LLC and Alat LLC.

SurTec-Eurosjaj is 100% BiH company. Its core business is the manufacture and sale of chemicals for electrodeposition, industrial degreasers, surface protection services and other, with the aspect on the development of part of surface protection based on SurTec technology. It is also the general agent of SurTec, Klüber and OKS brand.

Graewe LLC was founded in 2006. in Konjic, after the successful privatization of the company "UNIS TADIV", and produces the hexagonal screws and high quality screw keys, as well as the other special cold-forged elements.

Alat company was founded in 1952. Through its many years experience Alat specialized in the manufacture of tools for metal plastic deformation, as well as plastic injection molds and non-ferrous metals, and production of parts and accessories for machines and parts for the automotive industry. In cooperation with companies in the immediate neighborhood it manifactures and elements on eccentric and hydraulic presses as well as surface protection.

Visits of GIZ representative is related to the new project "ProLocal +10". The project is oriented towards the strengthening of cooperation between representatives of the public and private sectors through the already formed Local Competitiveness Council in all three municipalities and at the cantonal level, assisting SMEs in the metal and wood sectors including tourism and agriculture, and innovation as a key to sustainable competitiveness of enterprises.

Interview with the directors of these companies was held in order to determine their current status and needs, plans for improving business, and the way the organization GIZ could help them.

Misija agencije Prvi korak je promoviranje gospodarstva, podrška razvoja MSP-a, stvaranje uslova za ostvarivanje novih radnih mjesta i poboljšanje ukupne ekonomske situacije na području Općine Konjic.


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