The Most Important Results of Economic Development Agency „PRVI KORAK“ LLC Konjic over the period 2013-2016

12 Dec 2016
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Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic officially began its operations in August 2013 and since the beginning, the priority tasks of the Agency are focused on employment, cooperation with the business sector, participation in the implementation of existing development strategy in cooperation with the Konjic Municipality and establishing stronger linkages with international organizations and local institutions (Canton and the Federation).

Following the established goals from the very beginning, the Agency has prepared a Local Employment Action Plan for the period 2016-2018 and the same has been adopted at the Municipal Council in 2015. By this Resolution are planned funds in the amount of 132.000,00 BAM per year for the implementation of active employment policy.
In 2014, after a series of meetings with all business sectors in Konjic municipality, was registered the Business Association Konjic, located in Agency.

Based on conducted surveys in all businesses of the Konjic municipality, were identified the needs of the business sectors for certain staff profiles that are not registered in the Employment Bureau of Konjic. Based on the expressed needs it was established the cooperation with the Federal Employment Bureau Sarajevo and USAID Sida GOLD project, which was followed by significant activity in the realization of projects of training and retraining of the unemployed.

As a result of these activities in the period 2014-2015 were realized two projects of Training and retraining of the workforce for the profession chemical technician and galvanizer in the company SurTec Eurosjaj LLC Konjic by which was employed 75 people, while 90 people were attended on training.

This practice is continued in 2016, and in cooperation with the USAID-Sida (GOLD) Project, the Federal Employment Bureau, Konjic Municipality, the Government of Herzegovina- Neretva Canton, with companies from the Konjic municipality were realized the following three projects:

SURTEC-EUROSJAJ LLC - Due to the multi-million investment in the production facility of hot zink, company SurTec-Eurosjaj LLC Konjic has expressed the need to hire workers with specific skills in this area, which resulted in the training of 70 candidates.
The new plant now employs 50 people who successfully completed the training, and on this way the company SurTec-Eurosjaj LLC round off the range of services they provide, and are trained to provide services to the most demanding customers with a wide range of requests, all in one place.

KRISTAL-KOMERC LLC - Company Kristal Komerc LLC Konjic was founded in 1995. The main activity of the company is the procurement and installation of PVC and alumunium profiles. The company also produces aluminum blinds and strip curtains which occupies an important role in equipping large halls, offices, private and residential spaces. Rising competition and the changed market conditions caused the company follow these requirements and introduces new quality standards. Due to increase market share, the Company reported need to expand production capacity and hire new workers. As a result, the company has invested in the purchase of a new production hall at the site of the industrial zone "Šipad".

Accordingly, Company expressed the need for prequalification of the workforce for the profession of carpenter PVC carpentry, locksmith and glazier. By this project was carried out training and retraining of 36 candidates, out of which 25 are employed in this company.

RUKOTVORINE LLC - The company Rukotvorine LLC is owned by the family Niksic. Distinctive B&H brand, which is a traditional woodcraft integrated into modern design. Company director, Adem Niksic with his brother Orhan are fourth generation that deals with this trade. Rukotovorine LLC produce traditional Bosnian furniture and cooperate with well-known Bosnian and international designers of furniture.

Its products have so far been exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world. The project sought to expand the production area and open a museum dedicated to the art and history of woodcarving in Konjic.

Due to the need for expanding its production capacity, Company expressed the need for prequalification of the workforce for manual and mechanical processing of wood. By implementation of this project, 16 candidates acquired the above mentioned knowledge and skills, while 15 of them are employed.

By implementing these projects in 2016 it was employed in total 90 unemployed from the Employment Bureau of the Konjic Municipality, and within these projects the Agency as the leading applicant has prepared the necessary applications and engaged in the signing of the agreement with the USAID-Sida (GOLD) Project, FEB, Konjic Municipality and entrepreneurs, for financial participation in the realization of projects for employment through training and retraining.
After a period of training and retraining, and on the basis of the signed agreements, the training in the above-mentioned companies total of 122 persons were attended, out of which 90 of them were employed on a permanent basis.

Based on all of these activities in the period from 2014 to 2016 were employed 165 unemployed persons from the Employment Bureau of the Konjic municipality.
Given that this practice proved to be very effective and, therefore, significant results in employment were achieved, it was planned to continue with the same practice.

-One of the project that will start in early 2017 is and a signed agreement between the Konjic Municipality and USAID / PPMG for financing the employment of marginalized groups of women, the project should be implemented by the Agency. By this project was created a venture fund in the amount of 90,000.00 BAM.

-Agency also applied to the public call of the International Labour Organisation (Support to local employment partnerships in BiH) in partnership with FBE Sarajevo, Konjic Municipality, High School Konjic, Business Association (in the project 8 companies should take part), all in order of further employment in the future. This project plans to employ about 80 people.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Agency is through established contacts with local institutions applied to all public calls of concern to Konjic municipality, the economy of the Konjic municipality and in the past has implemented a number of projects including:

- Remediation and revitalization of burnt area on the site Kiser near Konjic

The project is funded by the Environmental Protection Fund of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and was implemented in cooperation with the company Šumarstvo Prenj d.d. Konjic. By this Project was purchased and planted 2,000 units of Black Pine and 4,000 pieces of Spruce Seedlings.

- Project of reforestation at the site "Borasnica - Rakov Laz"

The project is co-financed from the Environmental ProtectionFund of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton via Public call for use of the sources of Fund in order of co-financing programs and projects in the field of protection, conservation and improvement of air quality and ozone layer protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

By implementation of this project was planted 2,000 pieces of Maple seedlings and 2,000 pieces of Ash seedlings, completely burned forest complexes were restored, network of primary and secondary forest roads has been built, which will serve as fire roads extinguishing any future fires in the area.

-Procurement of Facility for Eco Turbo Thermal Treatment of Composite Waste

Agency in cooperation with the Konjic Municipality has applied to the Public call of the Federal Ministry of Tourism and Environment „Current transfers to other levels of government and funds- action plan strategy for the environment in 2016" to purchase the facility for eco turbo thermal treatment of composite waste. Based on the results of the Public call Konjic Municipality has received funding in the amount of 138,000 BAM for realization of this project.

-Also, The Agency on behalf of the Municipality applied to the invitation of the Environmental Protection Fund of FBiH with two projects, namely:
- Extension of the Public Lighting System with LED lamps - Phase II and

- Construction of the sewage system of the Konjic municipality - Central Device for Waste Water Treatment- Phase II

After the implementation of the above mentioned projects by the Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC significant financial effects that enable the realization of the same were achieved, and based on that for the Konjic municipality were provided significant financial resources with the participation of the following subjects, namely:

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