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Results of Public Call of Environmental Protection Fund FBiH

10 Jan 2017
258 times

Environmental Protection Fund FBiH announced the results of a Public call for the allocation of grants in the area of environmental protection in 2016. Funds as part of this public call, received 75 applicants.

For projects of nature protection, and the protection and remediation of soil, funds were approved for 13 projects, while for establishment of a federal network for monitoring air quality, conditions for obtaining funds has not achieved any applicant.

For environmental projects in support of community development, Environmental Protection Fund approved funds for 28 applicants, for projects of increasing public awareness of the importance of environmental protection and maintenance of thematic conferences and workshops, approved funds for 12 applicants, in the field of air resources has been approved funds for 13 applicant, while the 9 applicants received funding for projects in the field of energy efficiency.

On the list of the nine applicants, which were granted funding for projects in the area of energy efficiency, was Konjic municipality for the project "Extension of the public lightining system with LED lamps - Phase II" with the amount to 78,700.00 BAM. The application for the project prepared Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic in cooperation with the Department of Planning, Construction and Reconstruction of the Konjic municipality.