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Promotion of the realized projects

11 Apr 2017
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On March 29, 2017 the Government of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, held the 45th session in Konjic, where, in addition to members of the Government, attended and Ibro Halilovic, president of the Municipal Council of Konjic Municipality, and Emir Bubalo, Mayor of Konjic Municipality.

During the working visit, the Government in Konjic had visited the facilities renovated under the project of energy efficiency. Members of the Government visited the building of the High School Konjic for whose reconstruction was spent around 850,000.00 BAM, which will, in addition to creating a much more pleasant environment for students and educators, annually to be achieved cost savings in amount of 185,000.00 BAM.

Expressing satisfaction with today's visit, the prime minister Herceg in a press statement pointed out that so far, through the Energy Efficiency Program in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton was renovated seven buildings, six schools and health center in Jablanica, for which the Government has allocated a total amount of over 5 million BAM.

Also the members of the Government visited and Civil Protection and Fire Fighting Konjic, got acquainted with its activities and cooperation with the Directorate for Civil Protection and Fire Fighting of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. On this occasion, Adnan Faladžić, Finance Minister of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton representative of the Service handed the keys of the passenger off-road vehicle, which the Ministry, with the approval of the Government, donated for the needs of the Service.

Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic in the company SurTec-Eurosjaj LLC Konjic held a presentation related to the projects of training and employment which were implemented thanks to the co-financing of the Government of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, the Federal Employment Bureau, Konjic Municipality, the USAID-Sida Gold Project as well as the companies, SurTec- Eurosjaj LLC, Woodcarving LLC and Kristal Komerc LLC Konjic. At the presentation, in addition to representatives of the Government attended and representatives of the Federal Employment Bureau and representatives of the companies in which were implemented projects of training and employment.

At the end of the visit, the representatives of Government visited the object D-0 ARK, which is today a meeting place for artists from BiH and abroad, which represents an extraordinary tourism potential of the Konjic Municipality.