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8th International Food Festival "Konjic Food-Fest" 2017

17 Oct 2017
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Regarding the 8th International Food Festival "Konjic Food-Fest" in 2017, 11 meetings were held. The members of the Organizing Committee agreed on all the details necessary for the successful holding of this year's Festival. The organizers of the Festival are Konjic Municipality, Agricultural Association Konjic, Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic, Company „ToFi" LLC Sarajevo, Center for informal education GastroID, Radio Konjic, all in cooperation with VNR from Norway.

On the meetings was analyzed the last year's budget and provided a proposal for this year. The Operative plan and activities of the Food Festival for the current year were prepared. At one of the meetings of the Organizing Committee, representatives of Norway were present, and they made new proposals for this year's Food Festival, especially in terms of promotion, where they stressed that it is especially important to hold an international culinary competition of students from Serbia, Macedonia, Norway and other interested countries. It was agreed that the fish will be the main topic of the Festival and that the „pura" with cheese and halva will be prepared, all with the goal of promoting domestic local products.

The member of this year's Organizing Committee is also the President of the Association "Žena za ženu" who, considering that they attend numerous of fairs, are also promoting our fair. All promotional materials and technical preparations for holding the same have been made. Food Festival, as the previous years, lasted for two days and took place on October 4th and 05th of the current year.
At this year's Festival, 94 exhibitors from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina exhibited. At the stands were exhibited dried meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, as well as products of the same (juices, jams, ajvar, etc.), honey and products of honey, medicinal herbs, cereals, sweets, cakes, handicrafts, etc., and at the Food Festival as exhibitors came representatives of various women's associations from BiH, from Zavidović, Stjepan polje, Jablanica and many others.

Members of the Association "Žena za ženu" this year prepared an halva at the Food Festival and sold it at promotional prices, while the students of the "Konjic High School" at the Festival, together with a professor of the practical lesson prepared the fish trout, which was sold according to the promotional price.

At this year's Festival, a competition of cooking teams of high school students and young cooking teams was held. The purpose of the competition is the promotion of occupations in catering and hotel management and the presentation of the center of Gastroid Sarajevo. A competition of young cooking teams was organized, and they had an opportunity to express their creations on the topic "Autochthonous Neretva Trout". The teams and countries participating in this competition are: High School-Hadzici (BiH), Hospitality-Touristic School Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia), High School Lazar Tanev-Skopje (Macedonia), High Economic and Hospitality School-Mostar (BiH), High Touristic and Hospitality School-Tešanj (BiH), High School Konjic (BiH), Association of Chefs SKMER-Split (Croatia), Hospitality School-Podgorica (Montenegro).
After the completion of the competition, thanks letter was given to all participants and diploma and cups to the best cooking teams.

In addition to the awarded rewards to the cooking teams, the most beautifully decorated stands were selected, and the winners were awarded the prizes for the first, second and third place.

A rich cultural and artistic program was prepared, and the second day of the Food Festival, in the Hall of the Konjic Municipality, with the great interest of agricultural producers, high school students and exhibitors, was held a lecture on the topic "Fertility of the soil and its significance", prepared by the Federal Institute for Agropedology Sarajevo in cooperation with the expert service of the Municipality of Konjic.

Guests who arrived from neighboring countries and cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who participated in a culinary competition, in the organization of the Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic and company TOFI LLC and Gastroid from Sarajevo, had an organized joint visit to unique facility D-0 ARK, known as Tito's bunker.

With the awards given by the Mayor of the Konjic Municipality and the Organizing Committee of the Festival, who will remind all participants of this year's arrival in Konjic, it was expressed satisfaction with the organization of the Festival with the promise and desire to be re-active participants at the 9th International Food Festival Konjic in 2018.