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Vocational training and employment of engineers of chemistry and workers on the surface metal protection for the needs of company Surtec-Eurosjaj Ltd. Konjic

08 Feb 2016
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In order to create conditions for better employment of unemployed persons registered at the Bureau of Employment in Konjic municipality, in the previous period was realized several projects including a „Project for training and employment of engineers of chemistry and workers on the surface metal protection" within which it was necessary to do retraining and training for 61 candidates.

It is the company SurTec Eurosjaj Ltd. Konjic, dealing with surface protection of metal elements and which is due to multi-million investment in the production facility of warm zinc expressed the need to hire workers with specific skills in this area.

The new plant now employs 54 new workers, who have successfully completed the training, and the production plan for the first year is 6000 tons with a tendency to increase. With this plant SurTec Eurosjaj Ltd. round off the range of services they provide, and are trained to provide services to the most demanding customers with a wide range of requests, all in one place. Warm zinc process is so far the most efficient and environmentally acceptable method of protecting steel against corrosion in the world. In technological and the economic point of view, the method of hot zink galvanizing has mostly been used to protect against corrosion.

Implementation of this project responded to the problem of the lack of skilled labor, improving to non-formal education and formal education through the establishment of LCC Council as part of the High School Konjic through which are channeled the discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions of employers, educational institutions and other interested parties about a wide range of questions and issues related to the area of human resources.

Jasmin Badžak, Director of the company SurTec-Eurosjaj said that without the investment and staff will not be able to monitor trends particularly in the automotive industry. He explained that the company he is leading, recognized the problem and asked for help public institutions and international organizations. Thanks to this cooperation was created the cadre that is today deficitary.

"We will not stop with this investment. We plan to open a new plant which will employ 35-40 workers," said Badžak, and told others to copy their example because together can achieve much more.

Partners of this project are the USAID-Sida Project for Local Development (GOLD), Federal Bureau of Employment, company SurTec Eurosjaj Ltd., Government of Herzegovina Neretva Canton, Konjic Municipality and the Economic Development Agency "PRVI KORAK" LLC Konjic.